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09 October 2006


I've moved!
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11 August 2006

Food and a Dye Job

Uni Cuisine, AKA Cheap and Easy
Warning: entry contains peanuts.

Step 1: Open one can soda (any kind)

Step 2: Select meal. Today we're having Thai Peanut flavour "chow mein". As the container says, "Steaming hot Stir-fry Noodles with plenty of Vegetables". (This stuff is actually really, really good. It's the best ramen around.)

Step 3: Open container (grab edges of lid and lift). Take out the three packets (they're NOT MICROWAVEABLE!!!!111!!oneone). That brick on the bottom is the noodles.

Step 4: Add water. There's a line in the thing that shows you how much. You can also break the noodles up, if you like. I find they are easier to eat this way.

Step 5: Put the lid upside down on the top (this will keep it from over flowing), and microwave on high for three (3) minutes. (Put container in microwave, shut the door, press 3-0-0-start. Warning: microwave times may vary.)

Step 6: Remove from microwave. Stir in Packet #1 - the peanut oil (or something. It's oil. It tastes good. I don't really know (or care) what it is).

Step 7: Add powdered seasoning. (open packet, dump it in, and stir)

Step 8: Add chopped peanut topping and serve with soda. Mmm...sweet, spicy and peanut-y. All this for just 87 cents! (Sunflower placemats optional.)

In other news...

KP Bare, fingering weight nylon/wool. Christmas coloured, and I'm quite happy with it. Soft, springy, nice muted colours. (RIT rocks, hardcore.)

In the works...
I finished the first of that new pair of socks. Pictures are forthcoming, it's just too damn hot today. I ordered a swift and ball winder yesterday, hopefully I'll be done beating myself up over it before they get here. :D Later!

04 August 2006

A Lengthy, Photo-Intensive Post

The wireless at home and my notebook have not been getting along. Perhaps because of said notebook's torrid affair with the office's wireless connection? Whatever, it's working now, so here's a wrap up of everything I've had to post for the last few days:

First off, I got my KP order. I cuddled the box, hyperventilated, then dove in. What was in it, you ask?

To being with, I got my size 1 32" circ. WOW. WOWOWOW. Everything everyone said about these needles? Yeah, it's all true. It is (dare I say), the best needle I have ever worked with. I cast on for a sock ASAP:

(This was taken a couple days ago when I order actually came. It's a few inches longer now. This needle KICKS ASS. Yeah.)

The yarn is KP Sock Memories in Gladious (from the stash). I'm using my own "pattern". It's 3x1 ribbing, probably going with a short row heel. It's pretty, and I adore this yarn - soft!

AND! A new yarn! Some dye-your-own (now called Bare) - fingering weight, superwash, wool and nylon. I expected this (since it costs under 6 USD for a skein of 462 yrds), to feel a lot like the other cheaper wool/nylons I've used before - servicable, but kind of twiggy. But it's NOT twiggy AT ALL. I was so very pleasently surprised - it's soft! Really soft! And squishy! I got two hanks, and this one I dyed up today. (It's suppose to be Christmas coloured, but I think I may have overdone the dye on the green end. We'll see - it's still wet.)

SUPERWASHWOOL!SUPERWASHWOOL! It's great, this Swish. I've got more than enough to make Tubey, just dragged these two out to show off the colours. I haven't swatched it yet, but it's very soft in the ball, and the colours match awesomely.

GLOSS! 30-70 Silk-Wool. It's nice. Lovely sheen, the colours are basics, good for anything. (I'm posting some pr0ny shots of this on the Yarnographers' Forum. Blogger hates me.)

Wool of the Andes Heathers to make Danica. Personally, I like WotA, even next to the skin (I have a high scratchy-wool-resistance, I guess.) Pr0ny shots on Yarnographers' Forum. Blogger still hates me.

That's it for the KP. Yummy.

Next? Art!
(Sorry the pics are so dark - I do not have good photograph conditions indoors.)
Behold my collection of Escher prints!

Concave and Convex



Waterfalls (ETA: Crap, stupid sideways photo. Sorry. :( )

I think I have a couple other Eschers tucked away - probably didn't get pulled out again after we moved.

Dali's Persistance of Memory

A piece of my own work. Untitled. The rest are tucked away in a box.

A gratuitous cat photo.

Peace out, yo.

01 August 2006 pr0n

This is Novelty Boutone Pure Wool in Pocitos. I have three skeins.

28 July 2006

A Trip to the LYS

I take back some of the mean things I said about my LYS.
I didn't get watched like I was going to steal something this time! And her prices are not as bad as I remembered (I'm sure I'm just more jaded now :P). The selection, however, is only slightly better than I remember it.
Here's a softcore shot of yesterday's haul:

Clockwise from the top:
1. Miss Mohair by Wool in the Woods, in Majestic Ridge; will become a BO
2. Plymouth Alpaca "Sport Weight" - looks like fingering to me, and will be Alpaca SOCKS
3. Brown Sheep Handpainted Orginals. I adore this yarn. This colour is peacock. It's got this lovely shimmer to it and it's softer than Lamb's Pride. I think I'm going to make a hat with this.
4. Brittany Birch Cable Needles. That's why I went to the LYS in the first place.

PS. Here's a pr0ny shot of the mohair:

26 July 2006

Freezer Stalking

PICT0801, originally uploaded by meganisknitting.

This is my freezer. Tomorrow is grocery day, so it's just about empty. Usually I'm the only one that uses this one, but off to the left is a loaf of my mum's nasty diet bread. The rest is my stuff - a box of Pepper Bites, a Totino's Mexican PIzza and a bag of ice that's been there for about six months.
(The picture's really dark because this freezer is in the basement.)

19 July 2006

I'm a good kid, really.

So, where has Megan been?
Here, just My parents store opened this weekend, so between helping them get that set up and working, and getting everything for this semester straightened out, I’ve been busy half the time, and the other half I’ve been too blaaaaaaah feeling to do much of anything. Now, let me summarize.

1. This is the perfect popcorn. I wanted Kettle Corn. I wanted Butter. I got this, and I’ve been living off of it for a month.

2. I made curtains. It was a one-day project, but they rock and block all the horrid sunshine and heat. Hoorah.

3. The perfect chocolate. This is the one thing (besides the Dew) that keeps me going long enough to get stuff done. Available at a Target store near you.

4. It’s been about...14 months since I started knitting. These are from the first few months or so.
The woven looking stuff on the end is some hand weaving. I credit that with getting me started - I took a class at work on how to hand weave, and decided that knitting would be even cooler. The black/white this next to it is my first scarf, made from LB Homespun. The striped cream/blue thing next to it is my second scarf. Both are garter stitch and nothing amazing. The speckled thing in the middle is my first hat, made from Patons Bohemian, It's my first "pattern" - it's just a stockinette hat, but I thought it all up myself (made a big rectangle that tapered at one end and stitched it together). The big purpleness at the top is another LB Homespun scarf - it's twelve feet long and was my first ribbing project. The dark grey next to it was my first project in the round - another hat (also from Homespun). The fugness at the very bottom? That was made somewhere between the first two scarves, it's a bunch of scraps. It's fugly. The white to the right is a bag (another of my "patterns") made from white acrylic and plastic grocery sacks. Don't ask. Last but not least, that smaller purple thing is another of my own designs. Don't remember it. Shortly after all of this (yeah, biiiig rambling paragraph), I was turned on to natural fibers via KnitPicks and my projects got more serious. Blah, blah blah... ;)

5. Designed my Tubey, such as it is. Probably will use grey instead of purple. (KP SUPERWASH OMGOMGOMG!!!!)

6. Finally, my Amazing Lace update. *hides in shame* I know. I'm sorry. RL got in the way. :( I've got my first sock done.

I think that's it. I'm working on My So Called Scard right now, with the Manos I bought earlier this year. In about a month, classes start up again (I'm [almost] a sophomore at WSU), and that's about it right now. And summer is hot.
'Til next time!