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03 June 2006

AL: Meet the Team

Teammate 1

The Red Lace Socks are a foray into sock design. They are knit from trusty, sturdy Knit Picks Palette (in red). So far they have done little but frustrate - they've made three trips to the frog pond in the last week, mostly due to dropped stitches and split-y yarn.

The pattern used is the Simple Lace Rib from The Harmony
Guides 450 Knitting Stitches. So far, there is a leg and half a heel flap. As to what type of heel is being used, we don't know. The toe is undecided.

Teammate 2

Megan is a chronically slow knitter. This is her second lace project and thus far has done a lot of cursing and throwing the sock aside. Right now she has some sort of flu-like illness and is working on the sock (along with the other WIPs) almost constantly.

Happy Lace Knitting!


Anonymous Rachel said...

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07 June, 2006 18:39  
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