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29 May 2006

Amazing Lace, Day 1

The Amazing Lace starts today! Yay knitalong! I spent yesterday designed my pattern --------->
and trying to find my #0s.

Here's my progress so far. I cast on as soon as I got up this morning and I've done one and half rounds, so I borrowed a camera (because mine is evil) and snapped one of the miniscule sock watching television while I ate breakfast.

In other news, I'm ordering a new camera tomorrow, as soon as my funds are in the right place. I 've got to do it as soon as I can, because I've got three yarn packages that should come in in the next ten days and I want some good yarn pr0n to show off.

28 May 2006

Amazing Lace

I signed up for the Amazing Lace today (I sent the email anyway - the sign ups aren't supposed to close until midnight tomorrow, so hopefully they'll still let me enter *worry*).
Here is the yarn for my lace socks watching me send the email:

And now I turn to the book that holds my favourite lace ribbing...

More details tomorrow. I'm really psyched now, so I hope I do get to join.
*crosses fingers*
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*sigh of relief*

What is it, you ask?

Why it's the first on the Belated Mother's Day Socks, lounging in the window, enjoying a beautiful summer day!
And I'm trying so hard to convince myself to cast on for sock two...

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27 May 2006

Launching the 'blog for the...fourth time...

Not much to report in current activities, except for this:

My second attempt at handspun - came out so much better than the first! Posted by Picasa
I've got fifteen more ounces to spin, so my holiday weekend is more or less planned out at this point.

*I will remember to update the 'blog, I will remember to update the blog.*

That is all.